SGI VC, didn’t just give us a holiday, they also gave us the gift of happiness. – Subashni J.Retnam
November 6, 2016

“Dad are we there yet?”. That was the question that was ringing in the car after five hours of travelling. We had already pass by many farms and small shop lots. The view of the surrounding here was totally different compared to the view back at the city of Shah Alam, where we live. At first my siblings and I had no clue of to where we were spending our holidays until we heard the faint sound of the waves crashing onto the shore. We looked out of the window but could not see much as the sun had already set. I managed to catch a glimpse of a signboard and immediately knew where we were – Kuantan.

We continued driving along the coast until we spotted the majestic building of the Swiss Garden Beach Resort, Kuantan which was overlooking the sea. Everyone in the car was excited as we approached the entrance. As we made a beeline to the lobby, I could not help notice the beautiful design and architecture of the lobby. It has a beautiful landscape of fountains and fishes. My father got the keys and we headed to the fourth floor to our room. As we opened the door to our room, my youngest sister squealed with excitement. She immediately jumped onto the bed and fell asleep. We were all shocked by that but were happy because the room was comfortable and spacious. We took a bath and got ready to sleep to refresh ourselves for the hectic day tomorrow.

The next day my mum and I woke up at 7am. We got ready and headed down to the restaurant to enjoy the free buffet breakfast for two offered by the resort. The food there was delicious and scrumptious. There were a wide variety of food such as the western and Malaysian cuisine. I really enjoyed the food and even brought some up to the room for the rest of them to eat. When we reached the room, my whole family were still sleeping. I woke them up and we got ready to head to the beach below.

At around 10am after breakfast, we made a beeline to the beach. The sight of the seaside was just simply breathtaking. The golden sandy beach, the crystal clear waters and the cool sea breeze was enough to blow away our problems. We enjoyed ourselves very much. Firstly, my mum and sisters started building sandcastles while my dad, my brother and I played beach futsal at the court provided. We played until we were worn out. Then, we headed to the sea to relax our mind. The feeling of the cold clean water around my body was simply amazing.

After a light snack, we headed to the swimming pool in the hotel. There we played volleyball in the water. We called it “Water-volleyball”. We had a great time there. After swimming for 3 hours we headed back to the room. We quickly took a bath and got dressed to have dinner. At around 7pm we sat in the car and my dad drove us to a Thai restaurant nearby. On the way, I saw many restaurants by the roadside so food wasn’t a problem over here. Actually, we could walk there as the restaurants were just a stones throw away from the hotel. In the restaurant my dad ordered many dishes as we were all very hungry due to the hectic day. There were chicken, prawns, fish, cuttlefish and egg.

Back at the room, I started reading the articles there and I was astonished to find out that one of the most well-known beaches, Cherating beach was not far away from here. We could just drive there and have a great time. Next day, we packed our things and got ready to go back. We were sad that we’re leaving but we were also happy as we gained a new experience. Although the fun lasted for a day but the memory of this vacation will remain in us forever.