Damai Laut Trip – Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments, Damai Laut , Yr 2017 -Mohd Najib Bin Sharif

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December 30, 2017
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December 30, 2017

We travel to Lumut, Perak on 20th October until 22nd October 2017. Being a new member of Swiss Graden International Vacation Club (SGIVC), Iwas eager to try any one of the resorts offered. I was really excited when joining as travel in my passion. I also get free  voucher from SGIV for 3days 2 nights and we choosed to stay at home-based resort Swiss Court Holiday Apartment.We choosed this resort because my family and I were never been arrived at Lumut, Perak.

The journey was smooth and we depart from Seremban at 10.30 a.m using Waze applications. We reached Damai Laut at 3.20 p.m. At first, we thought we had lost the way. The placed was a bit secluded but the signage given was very clear, so we knew that we Were on the right track. Every corner has “Swiss Garden “ signage, so one would not lose His way finding this place. Checking in wast fast. The receptionist was friendly and very Helpful. After checking in, we went straight to our apartment. The apartment was spacious And clean. The kitchen was also fully equipped with cooking utensils.

In the evening, I took my kids to the pool at Swiss Court. The pool was big and well kept. We swam for a few hours and went Damai Laut private beach to enjoy the sunset. It was an amazing moment that you just cannot describe in words. The scenery was stunning and magnificient. At night, we enjoyed seafood at Nasa Restoran Ikan Bakar. The prices are satisfied and the were variety of appetizing foods to choose from.

The next day, after light breakfast, we decided to explore the neighbourhood and its vicinity. We went to Pangkor Islands and its surrounding. Pangkor Islands is one of the most  exotic places of Malaysia. We travel through ferry to Pangkor Islands as there are numerous ferries in Lumut that leave for Pangkor Islands. The Lumut jetty is situated riht at the heart of Lumut Town. It takes about 30-40 minutes and the tickets for an adult and kids are RM10 and RM 5 for one-way.

The best way to explore Pangkor Islands is by motorbikes as rental is only RM 25 To RM40 per day. But my husband and I are choosing to rent a car. We paid RM 110 per day. There are many attractions and activities on Pangkor Islands. We visit the Dutch Fort (also known as Dindings Fort or Kota Belanda). The Dutch built this small fortress to get More grip on the tin mining industry in the 17th century. The fortress was used to keep Foreign ship at bay, in order to control and monopolize the worldwide tin trade. The Dutch Fort currently in an historical monument. Then we headed to Lumut and bought some dried Seafood and souvenirs.

On our last day, my husband accompanied my kids to Swiss Court Apartment swimming pool since my children request to swim there. Even though we stayed at the apartment, we could use all the facilities at the hotel for free. It was time to say goodbye. We  were a bit sad as tour 3 days flew so fast. On our back to Seremban, my son asked me,

“ Ibu, when can we come back again?”I just smiled to him and promised myself that we will Come back to Damai Laut in the future.

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