Kuantan Trip – Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Kuantan, Yr 2017 – Low Heng Kee

Damai Laut Trip – Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments, Damai Laut , Yr 2017 -Mohd Najib Bin Sharif
December 30, 2017
Pulau Pangkor Trip – Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut, Yr 2016 – Md.Yusoff Bin Othman
December 30, 2017

We travelled to Swiss Garden Beach Resort Kuantan recently. In addition to gobbling down our favourite foods in Kuantan, this time we ventured out a little further to see the fireflies. We travelled pitch dark in a boat of 10 deep into the Cherating River. After several minutes, the boat slowed down, and there it was – little tiny lights that lit the mangrove trees light a Christmas tree. And all of a sudden, tens of these little ‘tinker bells’ started flying slowly towards us as if to welcome us to their habitat! That enchanting night made our day.

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