Kuantan/Damai Laut Trip – Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Kuantan/Swiss-Court Holiday Apartments Damai Laut, Yr 2017 – Mohana A/P Karunakaran

Kuantan Trip – Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Kuantan, Yr 2017 – Mohd Saufi Bin Jana Aksah
December 30, 2017
Damai Laut Trip – Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut, Yr 2013 – Md.Yusoff Bin Othman
December 30, 2017

SGI Vacation is such a great vacation club. We have been able to travel to different locations/resorts and meet so many new people. Our experience far surpasses anything we could have hoped for. We have recommended SGI to family and friends and are pleased that 4 friends have also joined. We have new friends we have met while traveling, and enjoy the luxury of being able to go to different resorts in specific areas to determine which resort we like the best. So far each resort has been clean, the people are all friendly and welcome you as family. I love the fact that some resorts offer the option to purchase their all-inclusive package. We have taken advantage of this option twice and have been very pleased. Our next vacation is in planning.
I want to mention that some resorts offer presentations to guests, hoping that you will purchase “time” at their resort/location. They will offer you incentives to purchase. No resort can match the value and large selection of different resorts/locations that SGI can offer. We are planning our next vacation SOON. We are considering having a second SGI Vacation presentation in our home for a group of friends who are interested. We want them to hear and see why we love our vacation club so much.