We will be back one day – Ridzuan Hamid bin Nuruddin

SGI VC, didn’t just give us a holiday, they also gave us the gift of happiness. – Subashni J.Retnam
November 6, 2016

We decided to spend an outing at Lumut & make the booking for Swiss Garden Damai Laut in Aug 2013. It only took 4 days to get the confirmation. Congratulation to Member Service Officers on the fast & efficient service given.

Our 1st stop is at Cendol Durian Borhan, located about 20 minutes drive after Kuala Selangor. Need to refuel before heading to Damai Laut. I have been told that they will be no street food or nearby restaurant or any convenience store that I can visit or shop. It means that we had to solely depend on what Swiss Garden Damai Laut had prepared for us. Everybody should drop by to quench your thirst with this delicious Cendol Durian Borhan at least once in your lifetime!

It took us almost two hours to reach Lumut and another half and hour to reach Swiss Garden Damai Laut from the main road. It is a quite alarming when only our car on the road for that half an hour and I am relief to see Swiss Garden Damai Laut signage not long after the journey. The journey is paid off by the breath taking views of Damai Laut Gulf from the lobby. It seems like I am standing at the top of the world! We are enjoying the view while having some light beverage before check in into to our room.

2nd day. We had a breakfast at the café. I can’t wait to go to the beach. Swiss Garden Damai Laut offering varieties of beach and land activities that I can’t hardly choose from. But as a wise and smart user we scout for free activities provided by the resort. And yet in the end we choose to lazying on the soft sand of the beach. You can call us mermaid because what we did for 6 hours is swimming and playing with the sand. The water is crystal clear, the beach is clean, the sand is soft and the most crucial matter is the privacy. No wonder this place is exclusive and expensive! After that we rest & take a dip in the swimming pool which gave us more reasons not to go back to our room.
We take a short nap in the afternoon to recharge ourselves. Then, we decided to venture outside the resort building. I manage to recall my knowledge on Malaysian common herbs by stopping by at Herbs Garden. Then we go to the bungalow area which have a magnificient view of the hill and valley at the backyard. The bungalow also look cozy and big enough to cater 2 families. We also went to the jetty and spend some time there.

Later, in the late evening we decided to pack some bread, headed to a hut that being set up by the sea where we can enjoy sunset. It is worth waiting for even though with the big mosquitoes around, we still enjoy the view. At night we venture the indoor activities. We enjoy the SPA, playing congkak before tired ourselves out by playing table tennis and cooling it back with playing congkak again.
It has been a wonderful experience in Swiss Garden Damai Laut eventhough it is far from civilization. Thank you very much to Swiss Garden Damai Laut staff and management on their hospitality and creativity in making sure that we do not have to go further out from the resort to enjoy ourselves. Their activities and a lot places within vicinity make us occupied every day. We will be back one day to taste Damai Laut barbeque seafood which we had missed earlier.