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History of Vacation Club

The concept of Vacation Club was first mooted at a ski resort in the French Alps in the early 60’s as a result of the high cost of accommodation rental, scarcity of resort facilities and limited choice for European vacation conscious families. By the early 70’s, Vacation Club began to gain popularity in the United States. By the mid-80’s, Vacation Club became a well-established concept that hit the vacation industry. Today, what used to be a vacation option for a select few is now enjoyed by millions of people in countries around the world.

In Malaysia, the tourism industry had expanded rapidly in line with the growth of the economy and travelling lifestyles of people. Vacation Club was a natural extension of the tourism industry, resulting in a number of companies, including subsidiaries of listed companies and hotel chains had ventured into this industry to tap the growth of this industry.

Explore Membership – How SGI Vacation Club Membership Works?

Traditionally, Vacation Club works on a simple calendar week to week basis. The accommodation unit is divided into 52 weeks per annum. In Malaysia, only 51 weeks can be sold as the remaining one week is set aside for maintenance.

Each Vacation Club member, therefore enjoys the right of use of the unit(s) in the property or properties for a specific duration of his/her membership.

Why Vacation?

Everyone needs a break or two. Vacations are one of the best options to take some time off from your busy schedule to rejuvenate your spirit in bracing life’s daily challenges. Experts and recent studies reveal that going on vacation is one of the most effective prescriptions to maintain one’s personal well-being. Regular getaways also give you the opportunity to create wonderful memories, reconnect with yourself and spend quality bonding time with your families or loved ones while exploring new destinations and encountering new experiences together.

Why Vacation Club?

The cost of hotel accommodation can add up rapidly with regular vacationing, especially over the course of a lifetime. However, by becoming a Vacation Club member, you can add value to your holiday planning and enjoy the following benefits:

Cost-Savings : Secure today’s accommodation prices for all of your future vacations, creating substantial savings for years to come. Members can secure annual vacation time with family, friends and loved ones without having to worry about the cost of hotel rate inflation and high currency exchange when travelling overseas.

Endless Holiday Options: You can choose to stay at metropolitan city hotels, idyllic beach resorts or vacation homes, according to your travel needs.

Flexibility: Enjoy the freedom to choose the time and destination for your next holiday. Explore the world with Vacation Club’s affiliate partner holiday accommodations around the world.

Why SGI Vacation Club?

Here are some of the reasons why SGI VC is one of the preferred vacation clubs in the region:

  1. Malaysia’s leading Vacation Club in terms of market share (based on 2017 prospectus submitted to Companies Commission of Malaysia).
  2. Awarded The BrandLaureate SMEs BestBrands Award 2013 for Corporate Branding and The BrandLaureate SMEs Signature Award in year 2015.
  3. Properties are managed by SGI Vacation Club’s Operation team to serve members better.
  4. Enjoy quality and additional privileges when you dine or use the facilities under the Swiss-Garden International Hotels and Resorts Group.
  5. Partner with Interval International, the leading Vacation Exchange Company in the world.
  6. The first Vacation Club to introduce 24/7 online reservation system for its home resorts. Making reservation for accommodation as simple as click and go.

How To Join Vacation Club? – Your Journey To A Lifetime Vacation

Step 1

Join our Vacation Preview for 45 – 90 minutes

Step 2

Understand our Vacation Club, how it works and how you can make reservation and payment

Step 3

Choose the best membership product that suits your travel needs

Step 4

Read, understand and acknowledge all our terms and conditions

Step 5

Begin your journey by staying 3 days and 2 nights for free at one of our hotels / resorts.

Step 6

Plan your yearly vacation and enroll with Interval International for more benefits.