• 1. Choose The Right Luggage

    Choose a bag with few compartments to leave you with a larger open space to fit your items. Also, look for a lightweight bag as any extra weight from the bag decrease the amount of contents you can put inside without being stuck with the oversized baggage fees.

  • 2. Don’t Pack at The Last Minute

    There is a reason most people don’t pack light for every trip. Start packing, or even at least thinking about what to take, a few days before you leave.

  • 3. Size Up Your Carry-On

    You’ll run the risk of paying an extra fee if your bag exceeds your carrier’s size requirements for carry-on luggage. Before you consider which particular suitcase to take, check your airline’s carry-on baggage restrictions to avoid extra fees.

  • 4. Pack 2 pairs of shoes and no more

    Shoes can often be the bulkiest items in our bags so never travel with more than 2 pairs. Wear your bulkiest pair on the plane and an easy to carry pair in your bag.

  • 5. Minimise toiletries

    If you are staying in a hotel, it is guarantee you will be provided with shampoo and shower gel. This means that you don’t have to bring all your toiletries when you are traveling.

  • 6. Compress and Conserve

    Compiling your bulkiest items into compression packing bags. These helpful bags allow more room for your clothes and other items by reducing excess air.

  • 7. Roll It Up

    Instead of folding, start rolling. You will be surprised how much room you will save if you roll you clothing instead of aying it out flat. Stack the bulkiest items, such as pants and sweaters, into the corners of your bag to distribute weight evenly, and then continue compiling rolled items at the centre of your bag.

  • 8. Go for Multi-functionality

    Give priority to items that serve more than one purpose, it will help you save much room for your luggage.